by morganthegreat23

So I was wanting to try something new with my hair. I have fairly long hair and I’m obsessed with it, so cutting it was not an option. I decided to color it. I took my best friend to Kroger and she helped me pick a box color that I really liked. It was a dark tinted red and would give me the “cherry-cola” look I was going for. All went well by the way, but as I looked at it a couple days after, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it’s subtleties. I wanted something louder. My other best friend, Jaclyn, is in hair school right now and I figured I would go to her for something more dramatic. As I explained to her and her instructor what I wanted, I was completely shut down. The instructor told me that we couldn’t color my hair because the box color had metallic in it which would cancel out any other color that they would put in. Who knew? I just thought that any color could go over a box color. Also, like I mentioned in a later post, don’t use store bought shampoos. Use shampoos that are salon-worthy and your hair will be much happier and healthier! When I asked, “so I can buy my shampoos at Ulta?”, to my surprise, they said no. If it’s sold to the public, it’s not salon-worthy. However, if your hairdresser is selling it, it is salon-worthy! So ladies, moral of the story is, don’t use box colors! They’re terrible for your hair. Also, use salon-worthy shampoo! Especially if your hair is color treated because if you use regular shampoo, it’ll strip your hair and damage it even more. In case you guys were wondering (because I have so many readers), I settled for my box color “cherry-cola” and added highlights.